August 7, 2015

Decorating a New Bedroom, Part 2

I am making progress in the bedroom!

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In fact, this room is coming together faster than I thought.  

The last time I showed you the room I had one bed set up. Today, I have both beds set up in the room, with their coverlets, and now a couple of decorative pillows. Thanks to hubby and son who did the carrying of heavy items up from the basement.

Persimmon Pillow

I did a quick tour in TJ Maxx to see if there were any pillows that I could use. After considering several pillows I brought home a two pack of dark orange/rust pillows. Maybe persimmon is the best description. Anyway...I remembered that I had a couple of older wool rugs that just might work with the pillow color. The secondary color in the pillows is a light tan...and goes well with the taupe paint color.

Neutral Bedroom

Ralph Lauren Lamps

These small RL lamps are angular and modern in shape, but the ivory crackle finish lends a fresh somewhat farmhouse look. These little lamps are a good investment because I think that they could go in any style room and work. 

Ralph Lauren Lamp

 I was not sure if these lamps would work. But I think they will be just fine here on the chest. Sorry about the shaded looking photos. It's hard to take pictures around a window.

I decided to try the white chest that matches the twin hubby and son carried the white chest up from the basement. I was in a "let's get this done" frame of mind... so I guess they thought they should comply my putting the room together. 

I know that there are issues about things being too matchy, matchy. But for this room I am just fine with it. The ivory white furniture is looking sort of country, or farmhouse in this room. I am liking it. The white and neutrals seem calming. 

As you can see the chest sits slightly above the bottom of the window.  Our house sits on a slight hill, and back from the road so I am just going to roll with having the chest in front of the window. From the outside of the house the wide slat blinds kind of help hide the chest. All is well.

White Chest

Because of the window placement there is only one way to place the twin on each side of the front window. So, there we go.

Here is the rug that I pulled out from under a bed! Hubby and I both agree that it goes well in the room and that it blends with the colors in the pillows. Being a pack rat pays off sometimes!  We sold so much after and during our moves but I am glad I kept this wool rug. 

Karastan Oriental Wool Rug

The colors in the rug also give me more color choices for the room too. 

Karastan Oriental

I like that all I have to do to change the color scheme of this room is to change a couple of pillows and a rug. How easy is that! I also have an indigo wool rug about the same size as this persimmon one, so I could try dark blues in this room if I got the urge to try. It may happen one day. Who knows? ha!

Neutral Bedroom

This is amazingly simple for me. And it is a result of my going with the neutral walls and bed coverings. All of these years I have been heavily invested in "color" which made changing a room a big deal/job/expensive. Look what I have been missing by avoiding neutrals! Easy. I have been missing easy.

I added a couple of little accessories to the top of the chest. Those are bound to be changed out from time to time. (This small chest also has a matching mirror...but that will have to stay in the basement for now.)

Neutral Bedroom

Home Accessories

I may have just created a new quiet spot for an afternoon nap!  I can be like Goldie Locks, trying different beds/bedrooms in the house. ha!

I still have more to do to finish this bedroom.

Like any creative project, I like to do a little then step back and look at it for a little while.

Neutral Bedroom

Neutral Bedroom

I can only show you one half of this room right now, because the other half has some of son's stuff in bins and boxes. Some will go to the basement, and some will have to wait until he buys his own house! ha! I have already told him that he can take two pine pieces from this room with him. One is a small bachelors chest and the other is a clothes armoire. Happy trails to those pieces.
Ralph Lauren Lamp
The ivory crackle finish reminds me of old ironstone.
I have lots to do in the room still. I need to pull prints off of the walls and look around the house for other ones. I also need to change out another lamp. But is a room ever really done?  When I am in charge...a room is probably always evolving. 

Neutral Bedroom

Let me ask you, do see this room looking a little farmhouse?  It is we do live in the country. I just wondered if you see the farmhouse vibe happening here. I think it is the whites and neutrals that make me feel the farmhouse. Or am I just wishing it were so? Hmmm.

If you want to see where I started, take a look at...Decorating a New Bedroom, Part 1

Final tidbit...son said, "the room is looking nice." 
Knock me over with a feather. He noticed the room décor. ha! 

pine bed
This is the old pine bed that we took out of son's bedroom. (It may be a candidate for a paint job in the future.) The white furniture is an upgrade for sure. 

I need to remove some bins and boxes of stuff from the room and decide about window treatments. At that point this room will be almost done. Almost...

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