February 8, 2018

Happy New Year

Good morning everyone. 

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? 

Well, I will say it anyway since this is the first time I have checked in with you since the holiday season. 

I guess you noticed that I took some time off after Christmas. Thank you to everyone who checked to see if I was OK. 

I was feeling exhausted after Christmas and needed a few days off, which grew to a month +.  I lost my creative mojo and needed to step back a bit. I just needed a break. January was frigid and grey which did not help my creativity. 

I was taking decorations down to the basement and took a tumble on the last three steps. That was not fun!  Spent time on ice with aleve, etc. I just don't bounce like I used to. ha ha.

Hubby had hand surgery in Louisville in January...so there were several trips back and forth. The surgery was successful in fixing his problem. yay! He had an excellent surgeon and team. 

He decided to throw his hat into the ring for Ky Commonwealth's Attorney...so we have an upcoming campaign and election. Lots of meeting and greeting (which I love.) I designed a website for him, and did graphics design for his campaign. Fun...but tedious. 

And now for the cherry on the sundae...I have eye surgery in a couple of weeks. Lots of running back and forth for tests and pre-op appointment. Woohoo. Ugg. But I am told I will not need my glasses except for reading. That part I love.

And that my friends...has kept me busy, busy. ha. 

I have been saving photos for you though.

I picked up some blue items for the mama cave to give it a refresh after all of the Christmas decorations left the room. 

I found four gorgeous pillows. Two are the prettiest shade of navy blue velvet and two are a fun blue and white pattern that I though would go nicely with my blue and white porcelain pieces.

One thing always leads to another with my decorating. So after adding the new pillows I pulled in some touches of green to give me a fresh blue/green color scheme. Having a white sofa makes playing with color so easy. 

I grabbed my blue glass bottles for another pop of color. 

This was my Christmas for blue and white gifts! 
My kids know what I like. 

This gorgeous platter from my daughter.

And look at my pretty cake plate from son.

The wood lazy-Susan from son and daughter-in-law is on my kitchen table right now. 

What a great piece for decorating, or for making a cheese board. 

My goal is to post twice a week instead of my previous three times per week...but with our upcoming spring schedule I may only post once a week sometimes. Please be patient with my erratic schedule...and check back often.

Thanks for visiting!

S H Elliott
S H Elliott

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.


  1. So glad you are back! You have a busy schedule ahead. Hope all goes well. Your blue & white decor is beautiful!

  2. I just usually silently following you, but I just want to say it is good to have you back again. Hope everything is calming down now.

  3. Happy New Years to You as well. I rather felt You were resting up and taking some much needed Time for yourself. I've been busy and in between projects, Our 15 1/2 yr. old Doxie, crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. Newton was always at my side. I'm adjusting. I'm so glad to have You in my Email/Mailbox again. Love Your Blue and White Goodies. Stay Safe and Warm Sheila. Laters/MJ♥

  4. Sorry to hear that you took a bad tumble...glad you are OK....Sounds like you will be very busy with the campaign and all of the other goings on....eye surgery? cataracts? Love the pillows and your beautiful Christmas gifts...I have cut down on mine posts also, from 3 times a week to 2 times...so much going on here...glad to hear from you!!!

  5. I am saddened to hear of your tumble down your stairs. Take it so easy on yourself. I had successful cataract (laser) surgery two years ago and love not having glasses. However I do have reading glasses for my close up work because I chose to have a lens to see great distances due to my five grands play lots of sports outdoors. But it is so worth it. Very quick recovery too!!!

    I so adore your blue & white pillows!! May I ask where you purchased them?
    For Christmas, my sweet hubby bought me two blue and white Oriental Jars
    similar to yours and I adore them. We have a lot of oriental accents in our home.

  6. Love your blue and white; so fresh! I do sympathize with you in having to cut back some. We always visit family in OH for Christmas and I told my husband this year I couldn't wait to leave home to go somewhere I wasn't responsible for anything. I was so fatigued. I have been doing far too much, being too much of a people pleaser and burning the candle at both ends and in the middle, too. I'm adopting something I read recently for my goal: "Enjoy the tempo of a God-driven life by letting Him set the pace." His pace will be far better for my health and spirit than my crazed, do-it-all frenzy. I wish you luck and me, also, in simplifying our schedules. Of course, a campaign is pretty hectic. I helped my brother in an alderman's race a few years back, and it was pretty exhausting. But you can adjust your schedule in other areas, as you are planning on doing. Take care, and I will see you on the blog whenever you can manage it. Hugs.

  7. Hello Sheila! I just checked your face book page to find what you were up to. Sorry you got hurt- I know what you mean about not bouncing back like you used to! You have been very busy. Glad your husband’s hand surgery was successful. Running for Commonwealth’s Attorney sounds like an exciting challenge- best of luck! Dan had cataract surgery in January and he’s quite happy with the outcome. Stay warm- winter is still hanging on.

  8. Sheila,
    You have been busy during the blog break. Good luck to your husband and on your upcoming eye surgery.


  9. Wow, you have been busy! You took a well deserved and much needed break. Lots of pretty goodies from your family. Cataract surgery is not the big deal it was years ago. The no-lifting-over-five-pounds kinda got in the way of day to day living but it was soon over. Glad to hear hubby's hand surgery went well. Now on the the campaign! Glad you are okay after your tumble. Yup, you needed some time off to rest and recuperate. xoxo

  10. It’s good to see your post. I’m hoping your health concerns are over. I’ve found a lot of fun things to keep me busy and find time to post a challenge. Take your time and we will enjoy what you share when you can. Happy New Year!

  11. Welcome back. We missed you and your beloved blue and white.

  12. Welcome back! Having been sick during most of January, it was pretty much a lost month for me too.

  13. It is so nice to see a post from you. I am really sorry about the tumble down the steps-that is never fun.

    I am glad your hubby's surgery was successful and now I will pray for the same thing for you for eye surgery. I know that no matter how routine it is considered it is still scary to have anything done concerning our eyes/vision.

    Your blue and white gifts and pieces are all just beautiful, too, and it is fun to see them here.

    Congrats to your hubby for running for office. Good for him and HOW could he go wrong with you on the campaign trail for him!?!

    I think we blog when we can and when life gets in the way sometimes we need to do LIFE and let blogging take a back seat. Will look forward to seeing you when you can post. xo Diana

  14. So glad you are alive and well!! Did miss seeing your posts. Don't ever comment but this time its different. I did miss seeing your lovely home and décor. Good luck to your husband and his run for office!

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