June 23, 2018

How to Stack Ironstone Platters

Hello, and welcome to a lesson in Ironstone stacking. 

I might be a little late getting into old ironstone, but I am learning, and the collecting bug has "bitten" me.  

It began innocently enough when many years ago a friend gave me a gorgeous English ironstone pitcher as a thank you for helping her. 

A few weeks ago I found four gorgeous old platters to add to my collection.  

They are the real deal. Old. Have markings. etc. 

This one is a little rough. 

 But this bit of pretty is just perfect. 

I was not sure where to put the new platters so I just stacked them on the counter (with cloth inbetween) and placed a small tureen on top. I filled it with some pumpkin filler for a bit of fall color. 

This was just a quick placement because I was not sure where these new pieces would go. Like so much...kitchen counters catch everything. ha!

But the new ones kept staying on the kitchen counter. :-)

After some browsing on Instagram for #ironstone, I saw what others were doing for displaying and storing their platters. 

Stacking. They were stacking their platters. Hmmm. I did not know that was an option, or a thing. :-) 

These are the recently purchased pieces. (above) 

Then I went to the china cabinet and pulled some out and began a real stack. There are five here. 

Stacking is tricky because the platters must be of similar shape, and they need to nest together nicely. You don't want too much pressure on the rims. 

I had to stack and restack to get just the right fit. Take your time when you try this. Don't rush and try to make something just "sort of" fit together. 
I like for the weight to sit on the centers/bottoms. 

I did not want anything to rub or put too much weight on another.

I put thin dishcloths between each platter to help cushion the rough bottoms from the smooth tops.

And then I wondered...How high can I go? 

Another Instagrammer encouraged me to go higher. So I did! 

I began with one of my largest platters and went all they way to my smallest.  

I began with three. 

I added a couple of more to make five. 

Then three more brought my stack up to eight.

Some platters were rejected because of improper fit. They went back to the china cabinet. 

All of my platters in this stack are a form of oval. 

Stacking sure makes for easy storage, or display. 

They are occupying a chunk of countertop real estate...but I like how they look. 

They become architectural....against my black pearl granite. 

Ironstone is very heavy so hanging pieces on the wall would require a very trustworthy system of hanging. 

I would love to have a rack in the kitchen just for my platters, but the lack of wall space makes that challenging. 

For now...I guess I will "stack." IF my collection should grow, I will have to rethink my display and storage options. 

Are you a stacker? 

If not, how do you display and store your dishes?

Until the next time...

February 8, 2018

Happy New Year

Good morning everyone. 

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? 

Well, I will say it anyway since this is the first time I have checked in with you since the holiday season. 

December 25, 2017

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

I want to pop in for a minute to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

I have not been posting for a couple of weeks since being busy with this and that.

We had our family Christmas Dinner on Friday followed by our Country Ham Breakfast on Saturday. 

Hubby is a good helper! 

This is my breakfast table. And I used paper plates. 

And lest you think my house is always neat and tidy! 
Ha ha. 

An explosion of paper, bows, and bags! 

I did not overly decorate the house this year. 
I even kept the tree very simple. 

I picked up a pretty cake stand for my eggnog cake. 
And I will be sharing the recipe with you very soon. 

Thank you for following my blog and being faithful readers. 
I have made so many friends by chatting about things on the blog and sharing my traditional home and lifestyle from south central Ky.  

Thank you for your gift of friendship! 

December 12, 2017

A Pretty Easy Christmas Table

Welcome to the blog today. 
I am so glad that you could join me. 

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December 9, 2017

Silver, China, & Tablescapes in Lexington, Ky

Visiting Greentree Tearoom & Antiques in Lexington

I was out of town for a couple of days this week meeting up with some very special friends, eating wonderful food, and browsing beautiful antiques. 

Why yes, I do have pictures! :-)

This is the lid of a gorgeous French tureen and soup bowl set.
The other pieces are below. 

On Thursday my longtime friend and I had lunch at the Greentree Tearoom in Lexington, which also is the site of Greentree Antiques

We enjoyed looking at antiques before we were seated for our luncheon. (My friend was actually table shopping, while I was mostly browsing, though I did see a couple of items that piqued my interest.)

I love the matching ladle with the tureen.

The set is offered at $350.00 if you are interested. Just visit the link above for contact information. 

And I love most silver!

The entry was nicely decorated for Christmas. 

We liked this petite dining space...though we were not seated here. Maybe the next time. :-)

When you enter the front door and turn to the left this is the view. 

This antique table was set for a larger group.

I love the hurricanes and greenery! 

Then I spotted my piece. 

The piece that if I could take it home, I would. 

I have just the spot where I could put it. :-)  

The English secretary! 

Look at her! 

Isn't she gorgeous. Swoon. 

The large drawer front drops open and pulls out to reveal tiny drawers and slots for paper, pens, etc. 

We were called to be seated next to one of the serving tables. And look how the chandelier is decorated.  I heard one of the servers say that the moon and star ornaments were from the 1980s. 

Do you see the jam cake with caramel icing? 
It was wonderful.

I am already afraid to get on the scales.

We were served tea, and then the first course. 

Tomato bisque with rice. It was absolutely delicious. 

There were several more seated courses, then you went to the table for deserts. Oh my!

The monthly menu is posted on the website if you would like to see the full menu.

I love white tablecloths on tables too. They say this is an elegant affair

Both of us were very full after our luncheon. 
While this was my first visit, my friend loves to go to the tearoom and has purchased a few antique pieces for their Lexington home. 

The Christmas season is such a fun time to go out and about with friends.  

Merry Christmas y'all. 

And thanks for visiting.

December 8, 2017

Christmas Eve Cocoa & Cookies

Welcome to the Christmas Tablescape blog hop today! I hope you have fun visiting each bloggers' home and seeing their ideas.

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