November 1, 2014

A Kentucky Giveaway!

No, I am not giving away Kentucky...but rather something made in Kentucky. Are you curious? Keep reading to learn more...

Do you like handmade things? I know that I do. 

There is just something special about an item that was made my someone's hands instead of a machine. Quaint. Rustic. Made with deliberation!

I have something really "cool" to offer to a lucky reader of 

MyKentuckyLiving. ( is cliché, but it just applies in the 

case of this little invention) 

As required...I must tell you that I was compensated for reviewing this item...I was given a set of tongs. But, all opinions are my own!

You could win your own set of wooden Kentucky made salad tongs. Of course, you could use these for anything, not just salads. 
Kentucky Made and More supplied me with a set (for show and 

tell) ...and a set for one of you!  They sell many other "cool" 
Kentucky made products at their website too. The handmade 
wooden bowls are pretty special too.

This is an easy product review for me...because I think they are "cool" for a few reasons. All of these are my own opinions...and not the opinions of Kentucky Made and More, although they may very well agree with me!
And just why do I think these Kentucky Spring Salad Tongs are so "cool?"

  1. They fold flat for easy storage in a kitchen drawer. How many of you wrestle with things in your kitchen gadget drawer.
  2. They can be used with one hand. Right or Left...does not matter.
  3. They are hand made. This makes them special.
  4. They are hand made in Kentucky. This makes them extra special.
  5. They are made from Kentucky wood. This makes them dear to my heart because they were made from trees that grew in Kentucky soil. Ok...I am being overly dramatic, but you understand me, right?
  6. The price is right! Only $17.00.
  7. They make a great gift any time of the year.
  8. And if you purchase a set for gifts,or yourself, you are supporting a Kentucky craftsman/craftswoman. This is just a nice thing to do!
These tongs are different from any I have seen before...these are wooden one handed tongs that fold flat when you are done and want to put them in a drawer. Of course you could use these for anything, not just salads. 

If you look at the picture above you can see that they come flat. But with a simple movement of the hands they become tongs. It is kind of like a magic trick. Your children and grandchildren will want to figure out how these work...physics in action. Maybe some adults will be curious also. I know that I was!

Let me get to the show and tell portion of this post!
After agreeing that I would love to tell my readers about these salad tongs, the girls at Kentucky Made and More mailed them to me. My box arrived and I was anxious to see mine...and yours. I only unwrapped that your 
set is still in tissue paper. 
This is the card that comes with the tongs...
On the back of the card it tells about how the tongs are made.  "Steamed Wood Springs...Steam heat and pressure have been used for centuries to bend wood into useful shapes like chair backs or musical instruments. Each pair of tongs is hand steamed and bent into shape until cool to create distinctive springs. These springs keep the tongs open for the user, and allow them to fold flat for storage." You are to hand wash only. Avoid boiling water. And, apply mineral oil occasionally to protect the finish.
The tongs are handcrafted from unstained wild cherry, sugar maple, white oak, or black oak. They are protected with clear mineral oil...and have a solid brass hinge pin.  Made in Louisville, KY, USA

This is how they come...tied with ribbon to keep them secure during shipping.
Here they are after I untied them and opened them just a little.

And I opened them a little more...

Here they are opened all of the way. Now pick them up and fold them back all of the way in the opposite direction that they started out in.

When you fold them back in the opposite direction they will stand an open mouth position. At this point you can pick them up with one hand and begin to use you lovely Kentucky made tongs.

This pic shows more of the detailed craftsmanship. 
Tissue wrapped with a fleur de lys sticker.

To see a short video about these the link below. It will take you to the Kentucky Made and More website.

Now...I know you are wondering what you need to do to win the extra set of Kentucky Spring tongs. Here you go. Easy peasy.  

1. Leave a comment at the end of this post. please include your first name and last initial. I also hope that you will decide to follow me, and to subscribe to my updates if you are not already.
2. Go to MyKentuckyLiving on Facebook and "like" the page. 

You will earn a paper entry for each item (1&2 above.)

On the morning of November I5 will write the names of each person on a square piece of paper. I will fold the square of paper...then put it in a hat/box/or bowl.  I will draw a name out of the hat/bowl/box. I will announce the winner on the blog asap. Check back about 10:00 a.m. to see if you won the tongs. 

Also...please visit Kentucky Made & More online at to see their other Kentucky products. I think you will like what you see. If you should not be the lucky winner you may want to purchase your own tongs, or something else. The tongs are only $17.00 and would made a great Thank You, Christmas,or Birthday gift. They are easy to mail also.

Here is a little about the owners of Kentucky Made and More from their website. 

Kentucky Made & More was established in 2010.

Owners and best friends, Cathy and Jennifer, had a passion for visiting 
art and craft fairs and talking with the artists.  They realized it was a real struggle for many individual artists to create their art and to have the time to market it successfully ... and quite frankly,many artists just want to create!  With this in mind, and the increasing awareness to "Buy Local" and "Made in the USA" products,Kentucky Made & More was born.

Kentucky Made & More continues to grow. More importantly, 
Cathy and Jennifer have a growing passion for what they are doing, having met so many neat new friends and adding many great memories!

Cathy and Jennifer live just outside of 
Louisville in Oldham County,Kentucky with their families.

They also have a blog that you might like to visit. 

Ok...leave a comment by Nov. 15, 2014 and enter this fun contest. There will be one winner...and it might as well be YOU! Have a great day!

If you have trouble with your comment posting...please just send me an email to saying that you want to enter the giveaway.

Thanks for visiting!

Until the next time,

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