December 8, 2014

Looking Like Christmas

It sure is looking like Christmas...
We have hung our outdoor wreaths..and we got the Christmas tree up also. This year we left the ten foot tall tree in the basement and brought up the smaller seven foot tree. Last year I had to climb the ladder to decorate the this year I am going the simple way. So far I only have a few ornaments on the tree, but there will be more.  The family ornaments fill up two plastic tubs...and I will need help getting those upstairs.
I learned a trick to making a regular old artificial tree look fuller and a little more impressive. Once you have your tree up...stick lots of sprigs of greenery in between the tree's branches, filling in any thin areas.  After that add about a dozen sprigs of red berries. Then add about a dozen silk holly stems. You can add as many stems of this and that as you want. I was going to add ribbon...streaming around the tree, but I was going for a simpler look this year.
When I dress a tree I add items in groups. Greenery stems first. Berry stems next. All of the red ornaments next. Then all of the green ornaments. I can keep track of balancing colors better this way.

House by JSD has a great video (in supersonic speed) to show you how they do a tree. House by JSD a Lexington Design and Floral Company. I love their work!  Please visit their website at the link above to see some really great design ideas. You can also purchase things by calling or emailing them if you live too far away to go to their shop. 

My tree is nothing compared to their tree(s) but I try. I will probably tweak my tree a little as the days go by, but I wanted to show go on and show you my start.
When we lived in the larger house I often had a florist come to my home to work on my tree. Then as time went on I watched and learned and decorated my own trees. Did you is a good idea to put some ornaments inside the branches to create depth with your tree? Don't just hang your ornaments on the tips of the branches. 
We put the tree in our front hall this year, so that it could be seen from the front of the house by passersby. 

I boosted the color with these two ornament pics...and the tree got much darker.

I like to put greenery around mirrors and picture frames for a litle extra something.
Here is a less formal tree skirt. I have a fancy red tafeta one...
so I might switch skirts one of these days.

I may add more ornaments later...just not sure right now. I have lots more gold ornaments, as well as green, and family ornaments. I truly have too many for this smaller tree. But, I will not be getting rid of any ornaments at this time.  :-)
Mikey loves these large boots. They were an impulse purchase last year at Wal-Mart. I just thought they were cute and festive. Again...I mix high and low d├ęcor items. It works for us! Mikey keeps sticking his nose inside of them to see if there are any treats. Maybe on Christmas morning there will be a couple.
We sometimes find Mikey napping by the tree. I wonder if he is dreaming about sugarplums...or maybe a piece of bacon?

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