December 9, 2014

Making Your House Festive With Greenery

'Tis the season for the "hanging of the greens," or the "decking of the halls!"

Staircases and mantels are the obvious places to drape greenery. 

Door frames also make nice places to swoop garland and ribbons. 

I even drape greenery over the top of the armoires

Since we do not have a second story in our new house I have had to look at other places where I could use some of my yards upon yards of faux greenery. 

This year I draped two mirrors and and a print with some of my lighter weight greenery. You can see what I did below.

The hanging of the greenery was super simple as I just tucked a few of the strands behind the top corners of the print/mirror...and voila. 

Last year I placed some green ribbon in the greenery also. I have not yet decided about this year.

We are in the great room... and getting a good photo is hard due to low light. Please ignore the shadows.

In the next picture you can see that I draped some greenery over and around a mirror. 

Just the addition of a little greenery can make a household item look more like Christmas, more festive.

I was able to pull off a picture of both the print and the mirror in one photo. I am getting fancy with my photography! (I wish.) ha!

This mirror is in the front helps to reflect a little bit of light into the great room.

And another fancy photo! 

I have a mirror in the hall/guest bath that I also draped with greenery. 

It is next to impossible to get a decent photo in the bathroom with overhead lighting and no window for natural light. So, you will just have to take my word that I did that mirror. ha!

The Christmas tree is a work in progress. 

I thought I was done...but son said that it did not look finished. That translates to mean that he wants "someone" to add the "family" ornaments.

The hard part would be carrying the two large heavy tubs up from the basement. I am leaving it like this...the next time he comes home and brings everything up is when I will add more ornaments. We shall see. :-)

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