October 31, 2015

Waiting for Trick or Treaters

Black Cat via The Graphics Fairy
Hello everyone. Pumpkins, Halloween, kids, costumes, and sweets are on the agenda for many of you today depending on when your community has trick or treating. 

I normally try to limit my posts to three per week so that I do not overload your inbox, or make you want to unsubscribe. ha! But because it is Halloween, and I love to have fun with the theme you get an extra post this week. 

We have our treats all ready for the little ghosts and goblins that show up at our door. And I have a few treats lined up for us (and some friends) while we wait for the doorbell to ring. 

I am trying to decide whether or not to dress for the occasion. I have a poodle skirt that I could put on with some bobby socks and a cardigan sweater. 
My outfit for Halloween at the college library. 

Or I could go all black with a black cape and my witches hat. I will probably put on whatever I find first. If only I were more organized! ha.

Do you remember the song about the purple people eater? Witchy Woman? Love Potion # 9? Or how about the song, Monster Mash?  Well here it is. 

Click to play for a little "mood" music. ha. 

We have had rain all week so I had to turn on overhead lights to take my pictures. Even my low light/ nighttime camera setting would not let me have enough light. Flash overdoes the lighting. I need to reset my flash, but I have not yet learned how. (The camera is smarter than I am. ha!) Please try to overlook the yellow tone. 

To get in the mood for Halloween evening and the little ghosts and goblins I am setting up a snack table for us. Here is a preview...

I cannot have Halloween without some candy corn! And I always pull out my "trick or treat" sign. Candy corn a silly unhealthy treat. I have been pacing myself though. :-)

This bowl is from the Southern Living line several years ago. I love that it has an old pressed glass look. Somehow I have managed not to break it during our moves and storage. It is a great bowl. I have served salads in it and also used it for a fruit bowl on the counter. This time I just have fall faux fruits in it.

Here is the  kitchen table before I began the snack table setting. I like to have a few seasonal decorations for the kitchen table even if it is just for us. 

Sometimes they get a little crazy as I add plastic skeletons and fuzzy spiders. These are a few of my school bulletin board decorations.

My battery powered pumpkins make another appearance since they will be put away in a few days.

Let's start with the table...

The tea pot was a birthday gift from hubby years ago. (I have a tea pot collection that is still boxed up.) 

I asked hubby to buy some green tea to help me get my head into "healthy." I have done better this week! (Except for too many nibbles on candy corn. ha.)

Mikasa, Italian Countryside cups on a linen tea towel. Ready for green tea.

I used a rectangular porcelain tray to make a safe place for candles. I put silk leaves in the tray before adding the candles, to add a little bit of color. Nothing like a little candlelight on Halloween night. 

I used a cake plate to elevate a black pumpkin. And I put some silk leaves under the pumpkin to add more color here too. 

Gooey Brownies...courtesy of hubby. 
He makes the best brownies. 

No tricks...just treats! Finger sandwiches, a cheese tray, and fresh fruit will round out the menu...plus spiced apple cider or tea.

 Image sources...?I have had these in my "teacher" files forever. If these belong to you please let me know and I will give proper credit.

Be careful out there ladies! 
But have fun!

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October 30, 2015

Welcome My Pretties...Halloween Is Here!

Today while I was creating a little Halloween spirit around my house I was half listening to a program on television that the History channel had about the origins of Halloween. London, England. But the origins of "trick or treat" is apparently pure American...as in from us, in the United States. 

Click to play Music while reading this post!
Another layer of Halloween Fun

There are so many different views about Halloween, but for me I just think of it as a fun time for kids to dress up in fun costumes, and sugar up! ha. 

These days adults get to enjoy the fun too...having their own dress up parties, where they can decorate from cute to creepy, or any point in between.

I do not have any small kids around my house any more, but I do like to bring in a few fun touches of Halloween. It's just fun! I am running a little late this season, but I have made my house a little bit creepy. Cute creepy. ha.

Let me welcome you in... my pretties! 

When you arrive you will be greeted by my black cat, who I think is a girl cat. Once I added the orange bow to the wreath...I decided that "it" was a she. ha!

I have mums and then added a few faux pumpkins to go with the big orange bow on my wreath.

The weather this week is rainy...and blustery. I guess that helps create a dark gloomy Halloween atmosphere. But I prefer sunshine. Just saying! It is so hard to get nice pics on a gray day. So, please excuse some lighting issues. 

Before you get too far...I have a warning for you. Beware! You will encounter a few creepy crawlies.

Here is my first attempt at creepy. A tray full of spiders!

I took a large wood tray and added a couple of layers of black mesh. Then I added a strand of orange garland. I have had it a while and it is bent and squiggly. It makes me think of creepy worms. ha.

Next I added one of my black pumpkins. 
And to finish it off a few creepy spiders. 

I took my tray of creepy spiders and began a vignette on the coffee table/chest. 

My chunky candlesticks move around the house, so I thought they would go with the vignette, especially in the evening when I light the candles. I will try to get a picture of the look at night. 

I moved the trick or treat sign, and repositioned my candlesticks. 

There was just enough room to add my witch to the grouping. She met with an accident last year, but hubby managed to put her back with some glue so that she could "fly" again this year. The crack just adds to her distressed look. ha!

Does this creep you out just a little bit? I hope so. ha. It does me! Next week...back to non creepy stuff. ha.

I will show you a Halloween Tea Table in a couple of days. I wish you all could fly in for a spot of tea and something sweet!

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Accomplishing Some Outdoor Projects

The rain stopped. Finally! I have had a few outdoor projects lined up and the weather just was not cooperating with me. Four days of blowing rain! Ugg. I am trying to play catch-up now with some waterproofing jobs! 

See how many leaves we lost from about four days of blowing wind and heavy rains.
My beautiful view is looking kind of sad now. 
But on a positive note...we do have sunshine!

This is a sponsored post by Thompson's WaterSeal
(I was provided with spray sealant to test on my own pieces.)
But all opinions are my own! 

I took advantage of the sunshine today. 
(I am much more productive on sunny days.)

I got outside and got to work on a couple of waterproofing jobs that have been on my list. 

Do you ever look at placemats and table runners and see a tag that says "spot clean." I am thinking whatSpot clean something that goes on the table?

(I admit that I have gone ahead and bought a some placemats and runners that say to spot clean. I prefer to throw things into the washer.)

Here is one of my "spot clean only" runners. 
I chose this runner as my "test" because it is all cotton, and it did not cost much. 

Table runner before spraying Thompson's WaterSeal Fabric Seal.

It occurred to me that I might be able to "waterproof" my runner(s). It seems to me that waterproofing might buy me time to wipe up a spill before it soaks into the fabric. With sealant spray in hand I went outside to my project table on the back porch. (I have used this old table as a beverage bar, potting table, etc.)

Table runner with one coat of Thompson's WaterSeal Fabric Seal
 Here is the table runner with one coat of spray. The instructions say to spray the fabric twice. 
Spray. Wait 24 hours. Spray again.
And it was as easy as using a can of hairspray...except that this spraying must be done outside in fresh air. 

Close-up of table runner after two sprays with Thompson's WaterSeal Fabric Seal.
If you decide to try using this water seal be sure to read and follow the directions on the can before beginning. I used the spray on a cotton table runner...and I did not notice any changes in color, or texture of the fabric. 

I am not sure how this would work on a taffeta or polyester fabric table runner or placemat. Observe caution. I would suggest making a test spot on the back before doing anything to the top fabric.  

Here is what the can looks like in case you go looking for it. 

I decided to do a water test on my runner to test the sealant. I poured some water from my water bottle....and let it sit for about twenty minutes. I figured that surely I could get a spill wiped up inside of twenty minutes. ha.

Ta Da! 
I love it.  
The water did not soak in! 

I shook the water around and it just separated into more beads of water. I am pleased with the fabric sealant. Very easy. 

I am planning on going through my placemats and table runners to spray/waterproof them. 

And what about cotton pillows that get tossed around? I just may spray them too. 

Note that anything that will be washed in water, like a pillow cover, etc. will need to be re-sealed/sprayed  to maintain the sealant properties.

My next project was to use the Thompson's WaterSeal Waterproofing Wood Protector. I have a few things I want to seal, but I started with my wood "E."

My letter was raw plywood when I bought it.
I painted it with acrylic craft paint

The instructions say to spray a coat of sealant. Wait 24 hours. Then spray another coat of sealant. In the case of my letter...the sealant is easily soaking up the wood. So the second coat was not only recommended, but I think required for my piece. I may go back and give it a third coat of seal now that I think about it.

My letter will live outside...
on wreaths and leaned up against the brick wall. 

 Thompson's WaterSeal Waterproofing Wood Protector being absorbed into the wood.
I love that this sealant is so easy to use. Like I hinted at above, if you can use a can of hair spray then you can use this product. Just remember to be outside in the fresh air when spraying.

Here is what the can looks like.
The waterproofing was not runny and certainly easier to use than brush on sealant. 
It also absorbed very quickly.

I have a couple of other "sealing" projects in mind too. I have an unfinished wood planter box that my father built for me. I plan to stain it and then spray the Thompson's WaterSeal Waterproofing Wood Protector on it too. I will share with you once that project is finished.

Here is a little vignette on my old project table. The table has wobbly legs and layers and layers of old varnish but It has survived three winters and summers on the back porch. It is such a handy old table. A heavyweight oak and not too precious...though it might have been at some point in its early days.

I am very pleased with how my fabric runner turned out as well as my wood "E" using the Thompson's WaterSeal Waterproofing products. 

The Thompson's Water Sealants are something I would recommend if you have any water sealing you need to do around your house. 

So easy to use! And they do what they are intended to do which is...  Keep water out!

What kind of fall projects do you have lined up before it gets too cold to work outside? 

For me, I will be washing/scrubbing the porch chair cushions and then spraying them with Thompson's WaterSeal Fabric Seal.

Then I will work on finishing the planter box/rectangle dad made. I want my box to be ready before Christmas...so, I need to get busy.

post script: I have had some questions about where to by the Thompson's WaterSeal Waterproofing products. So, I googled to double check and came up with the answer I suspected...found in most home repair type stores. Lowes, Home Depot, True Value, etc. Here is the link to the website where you can read more. I hope this helps.  http://www.thompsonswaterseal.com/waterproofing-products/small-projects/


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