November 1, 2015

My Post Halloween Pre Christmas Transitional Door Wreath

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Hey everyone, we have sailed through October and now it is November. I just cannot believe how fast time is flying! They say that as you get older time seems to go faster. I guess I am "there." ha.

Anyway, I have a wreath I want to show you. It is my post fall/Halloween pre-Christmas wreath. :-)
Transitional In Between Wreath

I call this my "in between wreath." I put it on the door after I take down my floral laden fall wreath. 

Fall Floral Wreath

This year I put my "in between wreath" on the door and then added a black cat and huge orange mesh bow to it for Halloween.

Halloween Wreath

I removed the cat and add my burlap bow. This will be my door decoration until the Christmas wreath goes up. 

I could add a red bow to this wreath and it would be fine for Christmas, but I have a fancier wreath for Christmas. One that matches the window wreaths. 

And wow, Christmas decorating time will be here before you know it! Time is just going too fast. It used to be that Christmas was not even talked about until after Thanksgiving. 

Now...Christmas begins making it's appearance in the heat of summer. Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were all on display in HL the last time I was in the store. 

I have had this wreath for a few years and it has survived being in storage quite well. I love the extra long pine needles and pine cones. When I saw was love at first sight. I put it in my basket to come home with me.
Waterlogue version of photo
I made a Christmas card version of my wreath pic with Waterlogue. If you have not tried the Waterlogue App, you should. I have turned several pics into watercolors. Fun. Pretty. 

What is on your front door right now? Fall? Christmas? Please tell me you have something pretty to greet you and your visitors. :-)

Thanks for visiting. 
And, have a wonderful day!
This post  was featured on...
The Dedicated Home, Make it Pretty Monday
Northern Nesting, Share Your Style

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