March 28, 2017

Look What Caught My Attention

I discovered Instagram a year or so ago (and became addicted.) Since then I have been making screen shots of things I like.  I save decorating ideas, funny stuff. Etc. 

Fun fabric on traditional chairs. Do you like this combination?

Here you go...

Today is the day I am sharing with you! 

And I just bet you see several things you like!

Take a look at a few of my Instagramers that I follow!

@splendidsass has gorgeous linen designs.

@irisscott7 has a fireplace and surround like I had in my old house. I miss it. Her house with yellows is gorgeous!

An elegant traditional room! 

I still love wallpaper, but I am not ready to put any in my house. Nightmares of removing wallpaper from my previous house. ha!

Who remembers watching That Girl on tv? Me.Me.Me.

Dark wall. Chest. They speak to me.

I am waiting till one of my kids admits to me that this has happened to them. ha ha.

Another dark room...and gold accent colors. 
I like.

The sofa. The tables. Love.

I follow this Instagram account to see the gorgeous furniture creations. I would love to have this hutch, as well as the space for it. :-)

I love Eric Ross rooms. @ericrossinteriors

I love this gorgeous vignette...and the green lamp!

More gorgeous traditional style...

This mantle and table vignette are from my blog friend Shirley at Housepitality Designs. @housepitalitydesigns

When I saw these blue mikado dishes I was in love! Yes, there is such a thing as love at first sight!!!  #bluemikado

I have been thinking of making a wall gallery similar to this...using family pictures. @meadowbankteam

 I will finish up with a gorgeous arrangement of tulips in a pretty blue and white planter! How pretty is that!!! @splendorinthesouth

If you are an Instagram user give these accounts a visit. They always have pretty pictures, and good ideas. 

I have developed a friendship with so many based on our love of home interiors, and pretty design. They are from all over the country and a few from other countries. It's so much fun to make friends...

Please visit me on Instagram. You will see extra pics that don't make it on the blog... behind the scenes things. 

March 26, 2017

Trying Green in the Great Room

Welcome to the great room today! 

I guess you could consider this a continuation of the last post, where I introduced you to some changes in the great room. 

Well, I have been tinkering with the room again. :-) Since I have the new tables I am playing with different table top vignettes. 

March 23, 2017

Changes in the Great Room

Hey all, I hope you have been having a good week. And if not...the weekend is here! :-)

Well, I finally made a decision to help bring our great room design together...after three years of living in our house. ha.  I am slow, slow, slow!

Take a look at my latest change...

March 20, 2017

Spring Tablescape Blog Hop

Yes...Spring is finally here!
And I for one am very happy about it.
To celebrate the arrival of spring I have a tablescape for you. 

March 19, 2017

Spring is Finally Here!

Yes...spring is here! 

I have been playing with some spring d├ęcor ideas and made a few quick snaps on my phone to share with you.

March 17, 2017

March 16, 2017

Spring Bunny Tablescape

Welcome to the blog!

I have been out and about this week in Lexington visiting with a friend who recently moved into a new to her stone cottage. We spent a day hitting several shops, and indulging in a piece of pecan pie from Ramseys on "pie day."  I am running a bit behind on my blog work...but sometimes a girl needs to get out and just run around. ha!

March 12, 2017

Simple Floral Arrangements

After a few sunny days, we had a dark rainy day. Well of course! When I should have been doing some house cleaning and ironing, I chose to play with a couple of arrangements. Those jobs will wait another day. ha!

Arrangement #1

I spotted this tall pottery vase in the corner of the family room and thought...hmmm, I think that my "real feel" tulips from Hobby Lobby would look good in it. And I was right! :-) 

Arrangement #2

When I was in Hobby Lobby after Christmas I picked up a couple of small greenery wreaths at 50% off. 

They have been laying around the house and today was the day I created an arrangement with them. When I bought them I thought of at least a half dozen ways to use them around the house and this is one of them.

Step 1, I began with a $2 plastic charger as the base. 

Step 2, Then I placed the wreath on top of the charger. And then...

Step 3...I put a candle in the middle. I wanted the charger underneath the wreath so that if there should be any candle wax to drip it would not get onto a good tablecloth or nice wood table. 

I think the wreath/candle idea would look lovely with a few, or several, down the middle of a long table. One could add some fresh baby's breath to make the arrangement even more special. funny bunny arrangement! 

Easter Island...

March 9, 2017

March 7, 2017

Eggs, Chicks, Bunnies...Let's Review

Reviewing last year's Easter decorations.

I love to look back at my old photos to remind me what I did the year before. 

Do you remember my cute little chicks from above? I would love to find a few more for this year. They are just too cute! 

My mother's father had a grainery and hatchery.  
There would be baby chicks everywhere. As a kid I loved to go poking around the hatchery equipment. 

And at some point there would be boxes of dyed Easter chicks. I don't know if that tradition is still around or not. 

Last year was the year I played with egg displays in different containers around the house.

Using them on my ironstone platter may have been my favorite. 

I liked the simple farmhouse vibe. 

I also tried a porcelain bowl for fun.

These are the eggs that Hobby Lobby sold last year. 

I used this pedestal for an alternate display.

My twig bunny has held up a couple of years. 

He has a broken ear that I have to play with to get it to stand up. I will evaluate him after I bring him up from the basement in a few days. 

Hopefully his ear will make it another year if I assist with some hot glue. 

For this display I used a large black tray. 

Why did I use that horrible Easter grass in this wire basket? 

Tradition? Ha! I am not really sure. 

I would use it in my children's baskets and then find the shiny green strands around the house forever it seemed. 

I know it is early for Easter decorations, but I just love bunnies and chicks. I love to begin finding little bits and pieces to decorate the house. It seems like fun, and a way to break with winter. 

My little chicks and I want to know if you have begun thinking about spring around your house? 

I was going to post a new tablescape for you today...but not enough light for photography. 

If you are on Instagram please visit me for In between blog posts fun. Lots of bloggers are sharing and chatting on Instagram. 

Join us...and don't miss any fun! Lots of ladies who love decorating, entertaining, and family. 

Look for,  My Kentucky Living Blog. Hope to see you on Instagram. 

You can click the Instagram tab at the top of the blog page to connect with me. 

Thanks for visiting! 

March 2, 2017

Back to the Furniture Store!

I have been looking at coffee tables lately...which has taken me to furniture stores in the area. It is such fun to browse and look at what is new. 

Most of our furniture has been with us for years and years...because I only bought what I really loved, it was expensive solid wood,  and I usually keep it forever. 

It has occurred to me that after our downsize, and selling as well as giving away so much of our furniture, that our tv/family room does not have one single piece of matching furniture. ha! 

Everything is a different color and type of wood. If I remember correctly one can mix fruit and nut woods. However...I have old pine pieces in my family room too. But most of the rules are being ignored these days. 

While I was browsing I spotted a green painted cachepot. You know what they what you love and it will fit into your home. Somewhere. :-) The fact that it was on sale helped persuade me to bring it home. I will doll it up some and you will see it again later. Somewhere. :-)

During my hunt for a coffee table I have considered two or three, or four. The trick is staying with a cohesive look. I fall too easily for this or that. ha!

I was looking at I could eliminate metal, metal framed, etc. I saw country, farmhouse, formal, old world, rustic, lodge, etc. 

You all know me...I am fairly traditional. 

I was considering breaking out of my mold and going with a different style. 

I took photos. I studied the photos. I was confused and beginning to fret. 

I have an old motto that I use when I am having trouble with a purchase. If in doubt, don't! 

We went back to the furniture store again. I thought I had decided. I found a nice coffee table that would go with the leather sofa, the black wool rug, and the other pieces of furniture in the room. 

As we were walking in circles around the store hubby saw this "cocktail" table, above. (Really, I need to figure out the difference in a coffee and cocktail table. Maybe it is height.)  

He asked me what I though. I started checking off boxes in my head. Traditional. Goes with the nail head traditional sofa we have. Goes with other pieces in the room. Goes with the lamps I already have. And it has storage drawers!

One more thing...the top lifts up and I could store my office supplies, etc in the cubbies. I could put my laptop on the tabletop and turn it into a desk. 

Our desks went byebye when we downsized. Hubby had a large formal home office in the Georgian, with a huge cherry exec desk, grasscloth on the walls, etc. That was before I was blogging and I used the computer and desk in his office.

I could turn this table into my hideaway desk! My laptop would fit into a well as the cords, chargers, etc. Hubby was quite convincing as he was giving me a list of why this might be "the one!" I have been running my blog business on a laptop, on the arm of a chair. ha!

The side tables have three pronged electric outlets with a usb port as well. The table has a heavy cord that would then plug into a surge protector. Hmmm. This is looking good. Right now I have a power cord at the base of my chair...with lots of loose power cords dangling here and there. 

I am seriously considering this cocktail table. It is more traditional than most furniture out there. In fact...I was running into trouble finding anything I liked. 

Well, I did find a Ralph Lauren round hunt cocktail/coffee table. It was two thousand dollars. Not what I am in the market for in a heavily used room. 

I am looking for something that looks great...but can have drinks spilled on it, snacks dripped on it, feet resting upon it, and maybe even be used as a desk or worktop. 

A very strong contender! 
Think. Think. Think. 
Hubby likes this one better than the others we have seen. :-)

Love this chesterfield sofa too...but it was hard to sit on because the back tilted too far. 

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