May 31, 2017

Summer Fashion, Dress It Up Dress it Down

Summertime...and the living is easy!
Time to plan some easy outfits for summer...

You may not have pieces exactly like mine but maybe they will spark an idea or two for planning your summer dressing. Look through your closet and see what you can put together. 

I often browse online catalogs for ideas,  and then think...I have similar pieces! 

Join me as I review my summer wardrobe and decide which clothes to take with me for a weekend away. And let me say...nothing in this photo shoot is new. Everything is from my closet! I am just mixing and matching. 

I am a fairly traditional girl who likes to dress simply/classically. I have tons of black in my wardrobe too. You will see me wearing black or bright colors most of the time. 

Funny how my home decor and my wardrobe mirror each other style wise. 

This Jessica Howard polka dot dress is easy care and packs well. I can wash it in a sink or gentle care cycle of the washer. You cannot beat that. Great for traveling with a walk on the beach, flipflops included. Yes...I have some black flipflops with white polka dots. :-) 

I love this little dress because I can dress it up or dress it down by changing my shoes. From sandals to pumps to flipflops. I love versatile clothing. 

You know me...gotta have some kind of pearls. These are fashion beads from Talbots  a few years ago. They are a long strand that I can loop around three times or wear long.

I usually have a summer sweater with me for air conditioning or out in the cool evening air. 

Here are my accessories! 

I plan an outfit much like the way I plan a room from scratch. I lay everything together to see how well the pieces work together. 

The bracelet is an Alice Eve creation...made by a friend of mine in Lexington. She has a website as well as having several boutiques in Lexington that carry her pretty things if you are interested. Just google Alice Eve jewelry.

Jessica Howard still has dresses make like this one...sleeveless, waist, and full skirt. I see them online from time to time. I noticed that Ralph Lauren also has a couple of black and white polka dot dresses this summer. 

I often forget what I have in my closet and how to put the pieces together. :-) I have to go through my clothes from time to time and create "outifts" to hang at the ready. 

If I can have three or four dress and casual outfits ready to go then I can get out the door faster when something fun comes along. I just hate to try on three or four tops to figure out what looks best.

I love pretty clothes and fashion...but what I choose these days must make my mom body look good, or at least help my mom bod! I am short and not as slim as I used to be. ha ha. Raise your hand if this is you too. 


We are on the final stretch for son's wedding, and I am beginning to pack my dresses. If you don't hear from me for a few days don't worry. I shall be back! 

I post on Instagram every check in there to see what I am up to in the mean time. I will hopefully have some fun "phone" pics of the wedding next week. (Scroll to the bottom of this page and you can see some recent Instagram pics.)

Come rain ☔☔☔ or come shine ☀☀☀... 
Let's get these kids married! (We are nervously watching the weather reports as rain has been predicted for Saturday.) 

Until the next time...

sniff. sniff.

May 27, 2017

Let Us Always Remember Them

Wishing you a nice Memorial weekend.

May 23, 2017

Dressing for Summer Parties

It's a fashion "show and share" day.  I am putting clothes together for son's wedding weekend...and this is one of the dresses I will be taking with me. I thought you might like to see this outfit. 

For a June wedding...I thought these bright colors would be fine for one of the pre-wedding parties.  

The lined linen sundress is Talbots from last summer. The sweater is Talbots from several years ago. And I love that the colors are perfect matches. 

I shop Talbots because they have petite clothes...and I am short! Very short! Ladies dresses have long torsos and they do not fit me well at all. It can be very problematic to be short. But I will count my other blessings. :-)

As for my necklace, I started out thinking I would wear some kind of pearl necklace with this dress...but then I found another necklace in my drawer that is better. 

This is a fun Chicos necklace from a summer or two ago and the colors work perfectly.  I can wear some gold earrings as I do not have any turquoise. 

My mom body likes this dress...It has a waist and slim torso, but the skirt is A-line. Yes! I am one size at the top and another size at the bottom. Raise your hand if you understand this fashion problem!

I love bright colors...and I have learned which ones work best for me. I can wear most shades of blue and I believe it is one of those colors which works for most ladies despite hair and eye color differences. 

I really, really want some turquoise flats or sandals to go with this dress, but so far nothing in my size. 4.5B Ugg. I am still looking though!

I went back to my closet and found my neutral shoes and purse...but I still really, really want turquoise sandals/shoes. And a matching clutch would be nice too. :-) 

Some of you have asked me to model my outfits. Well, I am not so great at that. Maybe one of these days. But I am reluctant. :-) 

Until the next time...

May 21, 2017

Our Golden Turkey Dogs, Update

It has been a while since I posted about our family Turkey Dogs. Today is the day! 

I know that may of you remember our golden Mikey, and he is part of the reason you visited the blog. 

Mikey, aka Designer Dog, our Kentucky Golden

Sweet Designer Dog passed away a couple of summers ago. Now I keep up with my brother's three rescues....adopted Turkey Dogs from AGA in Atlanta.

My brother sent some great pics of Ceejay, Cooper, and Thunder. 

CeeJay, What are you looking for?

This is Ceejay...looking for the paper napkin that he knows "Dad" has hidden. Look at the concentration on that sweet face. What a great portrait pose!

The good life! CeeJay and Cooper.

"The Boys," as they are affectionately know, are living the good life at their north Georgia mountain home. I am not sure how to caption this pic. Waiting for food. Too tired to move. Or something else. CeeJay, the elder,  is in front on the sofa and Cooper in the chair.

The Boys are all ears!

Cooper and Ceejay are not focused on the beautiful view...but rather on their "mama." Wonder what she is telling them that has them all ears?

Thunder on his mountain perch.

This is thunder, the newest rescue. When he came to America his coat was rough and he had some health issues. A flat coated retriever...he is in much better shape now. His coat is shiny and he is living a good life. He has pellets in him from being shot while in Turkey...but the vet does not recommend doing as much surgery as would be needed to remove all of them. So far...all is well. 

Thunder is waiting in line for his belly rub while 
CeeJay is demonstrating his proprietary cuddle technique.  CeeJay, left, is a ten and a half year old puppy while Thunder is three or four years old.

The boys have new sod at their Atlanta they are breaking it in. Thunder and Cooper.

 And who would not want a frozen Dogster treat after hot Atlanta walks. Cooper and Thunder are too busy to look up to smile at the camera.


 The boys' dad, my brother, sent a good article from Friends of Goldens on Facebook about summer grooming that you might like to read. It talks about whether to shave or not shave your golden for the warm summer weather.

Friends of Golden Retrievers  June 20, 2014
To shave or not to shave your Golden?? .. I share this excellent article each year and with the warmer weather upon us, this is a reminder on why not to be tempted to shave your Golden ..
Wait!  By Nancy Bynes, NCMG of Nevada City
With warmer temperatures finally coming to Nevada County, many dog owners are exploring options to help their pets stay comfortable. Shaving off all that hair is probably the most popular option. Indeed, for some coat types, this is an ideal solution. Not for all. With the exception of hard-coated terriers, dogs come in one of two coat types: single coated and double coated.
Examples of single-coated breeds are poodles, shih-tzus, bichons, etc. This type of coat will continue to grow longer and longer, much like human hair, with genetics being the final determination in reference to length. Double-coated or fur-bearing breeds have coats that grow to a predetermined length. They can be further separated into open coats and closed coats. These breeds have a hard, protective outer coat (guard hairs) and a soft, dense undercoat. Examples of open, double-coated breeds are any of the spitz-type breeds, such as Siberian huskies, Pomeranians and chows.
This coat is designed to shed snow or ice and provide maximum protection against freezing weather. Closed, double-coated breeds have noticeably longer guard hairs, which lay down over the undercoat, sort of like a blanket. While the outer, or guard, hairs get wet, the undercoat works to keep the dog's skin dry. Examples include golden retrievers, Australian shepherds and Newfoundlands.
Single-coated breeds can be clipped down to the skin, and the coat will grow back pretty much as it was before. The same is not true for double-coated breeds. For this reason, shaving these dogs down is not a solution to summer heat.
Think of a healthy double coat as an old-growth forest. There is a balance with different parts providing different benefits. If you clear-cut an old growth forest, there will be immediate regrowth of a lot of young trees very soon. Unfortunately, they won't initially be the same kind as those you cut down. Instead, the forest has to start from scratch and spend decades, first growing ground cover and softwoods that provide an environment for slower growing hardwood varieties. It takes generations before the natural balance is restored. While on a much shorter timeline, it's the same thing with a double-coated dog. Guard hairs represent old growth, and undercoat represents ground covering vegetation.
The act of shaving a double coat removes the dog's natural insulation and causes his system to kick into high gear. He'll now produce coat to protect himself from extreme temperatures, sunburn and sharp objects. Since the top coat or guard hairs take a long time to grow, what the dog's body produces first is soft undercoat. That's why we hear people say, “I shaved my dog, and it grew back twice as thick and really fuzzy!” In reality, what happens is that the original coat isn't restored at all. What grows in instead is thick, prolific undercoat mixed with short new guard hairs. We call it false coat or coat funk.
So, why is this bad? Picture this scenario: It's 90 degrees outside. You're getting dressed to go work in your yard. Are you going to put on a light cotton T-shirt and sunblock or thermal underwear and a sweatshirt? A dog's shaved-down false coat is like that sweatshirt. It's dull, soft and soaks up water like a sponge. Burrs and foxtails stick like Velcro. Above all else, it's way too thick for hot weather. By the time that false coat grows out enough to protect the dog from sunburn, scrapes and bites (the usual job of the top coat), it is so thick that the poor dog might as well be wearing thermal underwear and a sweatshirt.
Remember, Mother Nature designed the undercoat to be extremely heat-retentive. Do you take your dog to a grooming salon? You can request a bath and blow-out. Virtually all modern professional grooming salons have high velocity blow dryers in their work areas. These powerhouses can literally blast the dead undercoat out of your dog's hair after a thorough bathing with minimal brushing and combing needed. The benefit to your dog is a healthy, balanced coat you can both live with. Sure, you could opt for the shave-down, but you'll more than likely be back in a month or so for another “shave-down” because your dog is cooking in its own hair.
Then, if you're like most owners who fall into this cycle, you'll intentionally let your dog's woolly false coat grow out all winter “for warmth,” only to have it shaved off again in the spring. In reality, all winter long while you're under the false notion that your dog is staying warm and dry under that thick layer of fuzz, his coat is matting, retaining water and mud and possibly even mildewing. It will stay cold and wet for hours. Do you see the vicious cycle that started?
In some cases, owners really don't have a choice. If there's an underlying skin condition, requiring removal of the hair, obviously shaving is the lesser of two evils. Same applies if the coat is so matted that shaving is truly the most humane option, affording the owner a chance to start over and improve their brushing skills. These are situations to thoroughly discuss with both your veterinarian and your groomer so you can make an informed decision.
However, if your sole motivation for shaving your dog in the spring is to “keep him cool,” you need to know that you're actually creating a far worse situation than you think. Aside from destroying coat integrity, shaved dogs are susceptible to a multitude of complications, including, but not limited to, alopecia, heat stroke and skin cancer, specifically Solar-induced Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Dermal Hemangiosarcomas. Sometimes, these complications are not reversible.
Nancy Bynes is a certified master groomer with more than 38 years of experience. She lives in Nevada City.
Source...This article was originally published in the Nevada City Union, June, 2011.
I just love furbabies! 
I hope you enjoyed the pics of our golden boys.
I have been told that there are more where those came I will try to post more in the near future. 

Until the next time... 
Thanks for visiting!
Our sweet Mikey.

May 19, 2017

Antiquing at Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show

On the Saturday before Mother's Day my daughter treated me to an afternoon of antiquing at the Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show. 

May 16, 2017

Finding the Right Look

This is the first time that my dining room table has looked nice in a few weeks. 

It has been my dumping ground, crafting place, and test site for centerpieces for the dinner we are hosting for our son and his bride. 

It won't be long before wedding bells in June.

I have packed up the hurricanes, pillars, votives, tissue bells, etc. The table decorations are ready to roll. ha!

Next week hubby and I will do a bourbon ball making project to accompany the groom's cake. It is a chocolate and bourbon creation of some sort. I expect it will be delicious. 

It became time to straighten up and clean the dining room. As I often do when I dust, I rearrange accessories. 

I tried a few arrangements on the dining room table.

I tried my new Hobby Lobby sale canisters and added a floral arrangement. No.

I added a tureen. No.

And then I tried a Chinoiserie planter and thought I could live with this look...for a while. 

The floral arrangement went back to the parlor coffee table. 

My tilt top table was sitting I played with a look for it. 

This tabletop is unfinished. But it is a start. I have not figured out how to use my new tureen and silver bowl just yet. 

I will keep playing until I get something that suits me. 

And that is how it is with all of us when we are fluffing our homes. We try this and that...and some things look nice and some things take a little longer. :-) 

I need to clean the bowl as well as the candlesticks. And then they will shine.

I have accomplished cleaning the dining room, and part of the parlor today. Feels so good! Small accomplishments are to be celebrated. 

Until the next time...

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