November 28, 2017

Holiday Home Blog Hop

Tis The Season Y'all...

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November 17, 2017

My Mother's Kentucky Fried Apple Pies

I know you all are planning for Thanksgiving about now and do not have the time to make these right now maybe, but if you do, they are a wonderful fall dish. I was going to say desert, but they are yummy warmed up for breakfast too.  

I grew up with my mother making these sweet treats in the fall. I am not sure if they are just a regional Kentucky thing or not...but Kentucky folks sure do like these. And I include myself!!!

I have the full recipe below...but here is the story version, because I always have a "story" about everything. :-)

Mother made these treats for my Witches' Tea. I took some quick cell phone pics as she was getting things started...then as I got busy flipping them in the skillet while she rolled the dough my pics quit. ha. oops. 

The process began a couple of days before she made the actual pies...because she had to cook, simmer, and then let the apple filling sit in the refrigerator. 

For these pies you begin with dried apples. 

I think my mother bought these at the Amish store in Casey County Kentucky. (My dad told me of remembering his mother drying sliced apples on a piece of tin roofing. I learned something new.)  You could use your own dehydrator also. 

Mother told me that she spent half of a day "cooking down" these apples. She put one bag of apples in a large pot on the stove top. Or a cast iron skillet if you have one large enough. 

To the pot of apples she added enough water to cover the apples. At this point, she cautioned that you must be careful to not let the apples burn. You must monitor the cooking process all day. :-) Add more water through as you go along.  This will be a low  temp, and slow process.

After the addition of water she then added half a stick of margarine, sugar...and cinnamon. (She mentioned that sometimes she uses apple pie spices.) 

I have not given you specific amounts because it seems to be one of those recipes that you do by taste...(the addition of sugar and spices.) It's an old country recipe...! (My great grandmother made cakes, biscuits, etc with out a paper recipe.) 

Once the apples have cooked ....put them in a large covered bowl to rest for a day or two in the refrigerator. You want the spices to soak into the apples. 

My mother uses plain biscuits for her dough. Some might make pastry dough. Some might make homemade biscuit dough. My mother has always used biscuits. She said not use flaky type biscuits. 

Let's make pies!

Mother said her pastry sheet kept slipping so she just washed her counter really well, spread flour on it, and began. You can see how the "cooked down" apples look above. 

Flour the rolling pin and counter really well. 

Then roll the biscuit as thin as you can. (Looks like a tortilla to me.)

She rolled that poor little biscuit several times before she was done.

At that point she added a few tablespoons of apple mixture on one half of the biscuit. 

She brushed water onto the edges of the biscuit before she folded it in half. Then she crimped the edges with a fork. 

The next stage is the cooking!

Mother likes to use an electric skillet. She pours a little bit of canola oil into the skillet (1/4 inch) and when the oil is hot she puts the pies in. (Caution to young cooks...Do Not walk away from oil heating in a skillet.)

Here is the tricky part. This is kind of like cooking have to get the swing of the oil and skillet temperature so that you do not burn the biscuits. The biscuit must be cooked till done, but not burned. 

Dad bought mom a new electric skillet, and the first batch of pies got a little too dark, but we ate them anyway. ha! We got the hang of the new skillet. 

At this point mother and I had a division of labor. She rolled and filled the biscuits and I did the frying and flipping. To get the "fold" section of the biscuit cooked I stood it up on the fold and leaned it against the edge of the skillet. It worked!

This is what you want your fried apple pie to look like, above. That warm golden brown fried apple pie with a sweet cinnamon apple filling is just one of the best things in life. 

I do not have a picture of them plated up because I just got busy. I took my treasures home and put them into the refrigerator to await my party guests. 

They can be warmed before serving...but I let them just come to room temperature. Of course the best way to eat them is right out of the skillet. ha ha! Truly. 

Like I is a simple country recipe. Sometimes those are the best! I know that we love them in my family. I always loved for my mother to make those in the fall every year. This year was no exception. I love her Kentucky fried apple pies. 

Here is mom's recipe!

Mother's Kentucky Fried Apple Pies

One bag, appx 4 to 5 cups, of dried apples.
Half a stick of margarine, or butter
One cup of sugar, or to taste
Cinnamon, or apple pie spice, to taste
4 tubes of plain refrigerator biscuits
Flour for dusting rolling pin and counter
Canola oil for electric skillet. 

How to...
Place apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon, in large pot or cast iron skillet. 
Cover apples with water. Slowly cook down over three or so hours. Adding water as needed.
Put cooked apples in covered dish in the refrigerator for a day or two before making pies.
Roll each biscuit out paper thin. 
Add apple mixture to half, brush water on edges, then fold and crimp. 
Place apple pie into skillet with no more than 1/4 inch of canola oil and slowly fry till golden. 
Remove each pie from the skillet and drain on paper towels. 
Store in the refrigerator if there are any left at bedtime. 

If we don't get a chance to visit with each other before next weekend, let me wish you, your family, and friends a nice Thanksgiving...and safe travels to get to your meeting spot. 
Gobble Gobble!

November 12, 2017

Rustic Farmhouse Table for Thanksgiving

This post contains affiliate links.

Inviting someone into your home is an act of hospitality, but inviting them into your kitchen, to eat, is a more personal invitation of hospitality. 

We are entering the season for hospitality and and Thanksgiving and I would like to extend a welcome to you to come sit with me in my kitchen for a cuppa and something sweet. 

November 2, 2017

My Witches' Tea

I know that it is after Halloween, but I thought you all might like to see some of the photos from my Witches' Tea. 

The day for my Witches' Tea arrived with grey skies, gusts of wind, and rain...but that did not dampen our spirits!  We had a my group usually does!

In the invitation...I mentioned that my witch guests could dress up as much or as little as they liked. Well, I have a fun bunch of friends and everyone dressed the part. We had funny, scary, fashionable, and creative costumes. 

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