February 8, 2018

Happy New Year

Good morning everyone. 

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? 

Well, I will say it anyway since this is the first time I have checked in with you since the holiday season. 

I guess you noticed that I took some time off after Christmas. Thank you to everyone who checked to see if I was OK. 

I was feeling exhausted after Christmas and needed a few days off, which grew to a month +.  I lost my creative mojo and needed to step back a bit. I just needed a break. January was frigid and grey which did not help my creativity. 

I was taking decorations down to the basement and took a tumble on the last three steps. That was not fun!  Spent time on ice with aleve, etc. I just don't bounce like I used to. ha ha.

Hubby had hand surgery in Louisville in January...so there were several trips back and forth. The surgery was successful in fixing his problem. yay! He had an excellent surgeon and team. 

He decided to throw his hat into the ring for Ky Commonwealth's Attorney...so we have an upcoming campaign and election. Lots of meeting and greeting (which I love.) I designed a website for him, and did graphics design for his campaign. Fun...but tedious. 

And now for the cherry on the sundae...I have eye surgery in a couple of weeks. Lots of running back and forth for tests and pre-op appointment. Woohoo. Ugg. But I am told I will not need my glasses except for reading. That part I love.

And that my friends...has kept me busy, busy. ha. 

I have been saving photos for you though.

I picked up some blue items for the mama cave to give it a refresh after all of the Christmas decorations left the room. 

I found four gorgeous pillows. Two are the prettiest shade of navy blue velvet and two are a fun blue and white pattern that I though would go nicely with my blue and white porcelain pieces.

One thing always leads to another with my decorating. So after adding the new pillows I pulled in some touches of green to give me a fresh blue/green color scheme. Having a white sofa makes playing with color so easy. 

I grabbed my blue glass bottles for another pop of color. 

This was my Christmas for blue and white gifts! 
My kids know what I like. 

This gorgeous platter from my daughter.

And look at my pretty cake plate from son.

The wood lazy-Susan from son and daughter-in-law is on my kitchen table right now. 

What a great piece for decorating, or for making a cheese board. 

My goal is to post twice a week instead of my previous three times per week...but with our upcoming spring schedule I may only post once a week sometimes. Please be patient with my erratic schedule...and check back often.

Thanks for visiting!

S H Elliott
S H Elliott

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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