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Cooper (bottom left) and CJ (top right)

The Turkey Dog Story
Adopt a Golden Atlanta has rescued 145 Golden Retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey, since May 2015. The first flight arrived on May 9, 2015, and was the largest international rescue of Golden Retrievers ever.

AGA never says no to a Golden Retriever in need. There are many homeless dogs in Turkey and not enough room in the shelters for all of them. Because there is no shelter euthanasia and few adoptions in Turkey, dogs either live out their lives in a shelter or are put on the streets or in the forests after they are spayed or neutered and given rabies vaccines. But Golden Retrievers don’t survive well on the streets. They are not good pack animals and won’t fight back, so many are attacked by other dogs and their survival depends on people helping them.
The National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America supports AGA's effort as there are no Golden Retrievers being put at risk in the U.S. because of this rescue. The Turkish Government and our shelter volunteer colleagues in Istanbul want a better life for these dogs and work with us to make this happen.

My Kentucky Living....Golden Posts. 

Mikey, always my golden buddy.
Gone but not forgotten! May 2003 - June 2015

I Cried A River...

Living with a golden.

Snow Day

Decorating with a green jar.

Golden Posts

Golden Photo Shoot      March 20, 2015

Mikey is dealing with a hip problem these he is not all smiles with a wiggly waggly tail. He is trying hard to cope and learn new ways to step. He has meds and we hope that will help his sudden mobility problem.

I think Mikey is confused and wondering why he cannot get up and run. Getting older is no fun!

Mikey with Leo the lion

Other Golden Blog Reading... 
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A Golden Puppy...(Pinterest)
Isn't this the cutest ball of fluff?

Our Family of Golden Pups...
My parents, my brother and wife, and my family are all golden people. Once you experience the love of a golden, you are in love!
It is all over! I know that all pet families feel that way, but since we are lovers of goldens, I just have to gush a little bit. Please be patient with me. ha!

A few introductions...Casey and CeeJay, Atlanta area.
Casey (front) and CeeJay
CeeJay made his television debut for the Reading Paws program.  He loves to go to the library and sit for children to read to him. He is the youngest of the "family" goldens. The birth order of our many goldens goes like this: Casey, Q, Sam, Mikey, CeeJay. Sadly Sam passed away several months ago.

CeeJay, Atlanta Reading Paws companion

A family of rescues
Q (in the middle) went to the Rainbow Bridge in March 2015 after being sick for awhile.
CeeJay on the right...with his older brothers Casey (left) and Q. Q is not a golden...but fits in with the group just fine. He was in very poor health when my brother adopted him. All are "rescued" boys.  And they love to go out on the lake and take walks in their neighborhood.

Golden brothers on the lake

Below is CeeJay at his library job. As a "Reading Paws" certified dog, he lets children read to him. This helps children who might have some reading difficulties, read out loud. Dogs are not judgmental if a child misses a word, or mispronounces a word.  A good program for all involved!

CeeJay at the library, Reading Paws certified

Goldens are as sweet as they look!


This is our Mikey above...and in the next few below.  You all know him from some of my posts.


 Mikey loves his Christmas tree.



We used this photo of Mikey and the Christmas tree for our Christmas card.


 One of Mikey's jobs is to thoroughly sniff the yard every day!

Mikey is a familiar sight to our neighbors. 
He loves to lay on his hill and observe kids and neighborhood activities. He also has some dog friends in the neighborhood. But, because Mikey must stay in his own yard...his friends have to visit him. We have a radio collar on Mikey and we trained him with white flags in the yard for him to learn his boundary. His collar beeps when he reaches his boundary. The transmitter is in the garage...and it allows Mikey a large range. We feel we are being responsible pet that he does not wonder out into the street and maybe get hit by a car.

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